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With more and more managers connecting their fleet to telematics, it is safe to say the technology is on the rise within the mobility sector. The implementation of these black boxes can make a huge impact on the way you manage your fleet!

So, have you already implemented telematics in your fleet?

If you have then great! You’re able to track & trace your vehicles and improve your fleet across the board! Unfortunately, it’s more than likely that you haven’t actually utilised telematics yet because only 19% of all fleets are connected and fully enjoying the benefits of telematics. On the bright side, there’s a huge wave of fleet managers starting to connect their fleets – and with good reason!

With ever-improving technology, it’s time for everyone in the mobility sector to know the amazing possibilities. We’ve summed up some of the main reasons managers connect their fleet.

Locate your vehicles

Overall, 74% of fleet managers* say one of the reasons they connect their fleet is to locate their vehicles. By sending out GPS data, a black box is able to inform you about the location of all the vehicles in your fleet (sometimes even in realtime), giving you a clear overview at all times. With that data, you’ll be able to see where your vehicles are, whether it’s parked or someone is driving it. The risk of having your vehicles stolen is significantly decreased!

Wagenparkkosten verlagen - Parkd, het nieuwe zakelijk parkeren

Track each vehicle’s cost

Telematics make it possible to gain a clear overview of all the fleet costs made for a specific project. You will be able to easily administrate all of the rides, the gas costs and the parking costs made for a specific project or customer. The fleet manager is therefore able to be fully transparent with any customer about their fleet costs. Not only will they save time on administration; the rides can also be split between business or private – meaning the company will no longer make any unnecessary costs within its fleet!

Keep your fleet costs down

A connected car is able to communicate any defaults directly with the fleet manager. The car can automatically notify the fleet manager about any maintenance issues: things such as low oil and coolant levels will be efficiently communicated with the manager. These benefits are the reason that 59% of all tested fleet managers state that reducing fleet costs is one of the reasons to start using telematics.

Knowing the routes traveled by your fleet, allows you to visualise them. By doing so, you’ll be able to optimise journeys and make them more efficient. It’s a great way to reduce fleet costs: you’ll save on gas, time and distance.

By connecting telematics to a fuel card, the fleet manager has insight in the fuel consumption and is able to make sure the gas stations are on the route. Telematics really can make the life of a fleet manager easier in this case!

Wagenparkkosten verlagen - Parkd, het nieuwe zakelijk parkeren

Manage safety and driver behaviour

Many managers choose telematics for a different reason: being able to put the driver first. Improving the driver’s safety and behaviour are main drivers for about 58% of all tested fleet managers, and telematics help them achieve that.

Fleet managers are able to track the driver’s behaviour by using the Track&Trace system. Does the driver keep to the speed limit? Does he take enough rests? With these insights the manager can improve the driver’s safety and behaviour, and at the same time reduce the wear on the vehicles.

Automate your parking sessions

At Parkd, we focus on improving your fleets parking sessions. By connecting your telematics system to Parkd’s world first technology, you’re able to fully automate your fleet’ parking sessions. The driver will experience the ease of automated parking while the fleet manager can save up to 90% on parking admin.

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* Data from 2018 Fleet Barometer

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