1. Scope

Parkd (as defined hereinafter) acts in accordance with the provisions of the Belgian protection of privacy Act of 8 December 1992 related to the processing of personal details. By joining and using the “Parkd” application (hereinafter referred to as “application”) (which shall also be understood to mean downloading and installation), and providing your personal details, you explicitly, unambiguously and without any reservation, agree with the conditions specified below, in accordance with which Parkd collects, processes and sends personal details. Parkd shall notify these terms and conditions to the person in question to whom the (processing of) personal data refers. These terms and conditions are accepted by the person in question explicitly, unambiguously and without any reservation. Parkd undertakes to take all appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal details against destruction, loss, unintentional change, damage or unwanted disclosure. However, despite Parkd’s efforts, we cannot guarantee the data security with absolute certainty with regard to all possible threats.

2. Contact details

PICKMEUP, naamloze vennootschap (public limited company) having its registered office at 2000 Antwerp, August Michielsstraat 23, registered in the register of legal entities (Antwerp, department Antwerp) with number 0554.702.616 (and hereinafter referred to as “Parkd”) is responsible for the processing of the personal details that are collected for use of the Parkd application, and monitors the confidentiality and the security of these details. Parkd can be contacted by letter at the aforementioned registered office, or by e-mail at support@parkd.com. Parkd reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time.

3. Processing of personal details

3.1. Collection and processing of personal details and purposes. On using the Parkd application, various personal details of the user of the application are collected and processed, more specifically:

  • Profile data (surname, name, e-mail address, number plate and credit card information)
  • Credit card (number, due date and CVC code)
  • (Parking) location
  • Parking information (start and end of the parking session, parking zone, etc.)
  • Parking & payment history

These details are necessary for the use and operation of the Parkd application, and can in particular be used for the following purposes:

  • The provision of the offered service(s) via the Parkd application, such as determining your current parking location, sending messages to announce arrival(times), etc.
  • Payment via credit card.
  • Provision of this information relating to the provided services via the application and changes to this application.

This data can also be used for statistical purposes and to analyse and optimise the operation and use of the application, among other things for:

  • Possible participation in market surveys, customer satisfaction surveys about the operation of the application.
  • Improvement of the provided services via the application, by adapting them to your needs, based on the created customer profiles and saved favourites.
  • Recording of problems.

3.2. Transfer to third parties: Parkd can transfer certain personal details to third parties, among others for the following purposes:

  • Necessary for the operation of the Parkd application and the handling of customer support, etc.
  • Problem handling by the competent authorities relating to the Parkd application or parking (among others with a view to verification of the parking session).
  • To the competent authorities, compliance officers, legal counsel of Parkd, or other third parties if Parkd suspects and/or tries to detect punishable acts, within the context of the enforcement by third parties of their intellectual property rights, if Parkd thinks that you violated the terms and conditions of use of the Parkd application or if Parkd wants to enforce its privacy policy or deal with impending and/or pending legal procedures.
  • To the competent authorities, compliance officers to act in accordance with the legal provisions
  • Market analysis and market surveys.

These third parties act as “processors” in the performance of this and any other processing of personal details. For this processing, Parkd refers to the applicable privacy policy of these third parties.

Parkd shall only give access to (personal) details that are strictly necessary to carry out the task of this third party. The third parties in question are obliged to keep these (personal) details confidential and are not permitted to use these details for any other purpose.

Your personal details can be kept in another jurisdiction than the one where you are established. The transfer of your personal details is in accordance with applicable Belgian and European Privacy laws.

4. Rights of access, editing and correction

At any moment you are entitled to oppose the processing of your personal details for purposes of direct marketing, and you also have the right to access, edit, correct and remove your personal details. For this you can address the person who is responsible for processing the aforementioned contact details in writing. However, this is subject to original proof of your identity. The removal of your personal details can result in the discontinuation of the services if the information in question was necessary to provide the service. Through your account, you can also access your profile data to manage, edit, correct, and even remove it.

5. Cookie Policy

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