Enabling drivers to get on with work

Traditional parking is a hidden cost that causes businesses frustration, unnecessary admin and wasted money. We believe that parking can work for businesses, making it drastically cheaper for you and making life easier for your employees.


Making cars even smarter

Car manufacturers can easily connect Parkd to their connected car apps using our simple API. Parkd allows drivers to keep track of their parking, with whatever app they’re already using to monitor their vehicle. It’s a simple addition to a connected car that adds everyday value. Drive, park and pay. Simple.


Adding value to lease plans

When someone leases a car, one of the many advantages is that it includes extras like services, insurance and repairs. Parking is one cost that falls outside of that convenient monthly price. With Parkd, all parking sessions are automatic which means they can easily be included in that price and even better, it completely eliminates the chance of a parking fine.


Park abroad with no worries

When customers drop off their car, a lot of the time they’ll be carrying extra baggage: parking fines. These fines need to processed and then customers need to be chased. Not only does it cost time and money for you, it leaves a bad final impression for customers. With Parkd, they can pay for their car and the parking all at once. Eliminate parking fines by giving customers a parking system that stops them from happening. Rent your car and never think about parking again.

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