Zibber aims to make professional real estate presentation affordable. Every day, their specialists go out to photograph properties and make videos. Therefore, their employees are often on the road, and parking costs were a significant expense.

Manually starting and stopping parking sessions causes unnecessary costs

Bert van Lieshout, responsible for finances at Zibber, looked for a way to reduce those costs and make things easier for employees. “We were already using a parking app, but employees had to manually start and stop parking sessions themselves.” This was sometimes forgotten. “If an employee forgot to start or stop a parking session, it not only led to unnecessary costs and parking fines but also more administration. I spent a lot of time checking the parking invoice and expense fines.”


Quick implementation

Van Lieshout saw something about Parkd’s parking solution on social media. “When I read about Parkd, I knew immediately: this is something for us!” Zibber already had a track-and-trace solution from ABAX in their vehicles, which made the implementation very quick.

More convenience for employees

“We are growing fast, so fleet costs are increasing anyway, but we have really noticed that parking costs have decreased since we started using Parkd. Additionally, employees are very happy with the system because it is very user-friendly. They no longer have to deal with tedious administrative work.”

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