The parking landscape is evolving and so is the way people park. Parking spaces are becoming harder to find and more expensive when you find them. Not only that, there are constantly new ways to pay. The only thing that remains the same is the admin required by companies. Parkd changes that, making parking easy for companies and their employees.

How parking has changed over the years

Way back when, with the introduction of the parking meter, we had to manually put our time in and get a receipt. If you didn’t have change on hand, you couldn’t park. It was (and still is) a frustration for employees whose jobs rely on parking often. Even if they don’t have change, they still need to park to get the job done, which often results in fines.

Recently, credit cards were gradually introduced as a payment option. An improvement but not without pitfalls. Employees still need to estimate how long they’ll be and invoices still need to be processed by administrators. 

In the last few years, we’ve seen a rise of parking apps and SMS solutions. They took away a huge amount of the admin but a new problem emerged. 70% of users forget to end their parking sessions, ending in unnecessarily high costs. Since then, parking apps haven’t really tackled this problem. In fact, they’ve added to those costs. Now, you can receive a notification to say your session has ended but you risk a fine if you don’t renew it quickly. 

Parkd is the new way to park. Using the app, your parking starts, stops and gets paid for automatically. It charges per minute, saving you up to 20% on your parking cost by being more accurate and eliminating parking fines. In addition, it minimises admin and requires no attention from employees, giving an instant benefit to businesses of any size.

The new kid on the block: Parkd

Parkd is a parking solution for every type of business. For example, car leasing companies: they spend an enormous amount of time processing parking fines and identifying the person responsible. With Parkd, this is a thing of the past. For car rental, customers will never need to work out how local parking works again. Everything’s automatic. Even for small fleets or the self-employed, there are instant benefits to automatic parking.

How does it work?

Once you’ve downloaded the app and have activated Parkd, everything is automatically handled and will all go to the same bill. By connecting your track-and-trace system, your sessions can start, stop and be paid for automatically. Your employees will no longer need to think about parking: no need to search for a parking meter or locate how to park in the area they’re located. It’s all taken care of.

Besides the convenience, this solution is immediately profitable for companies. Parkd is cost effective and only charges you for the exact time you’re parked. Connecting is quick and we are integrated with the most popular track-and-trace solution.

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