Stedin, a leading Dutch energy company, is known for its innovative approach to the energy sector. With a fleet of over 2000 vehicles, ranging from service vans to pool cars, managing their fleet requires seamless and efficient solutions.

Paying manually for parking causes unnecessary costs (and worries)

Rachel Gambier, Business Connector at Stedin, talks about the challenges before partnering with Parkd. “Forgetting to start and stop a parking session led to high and unnecessary costs. Technicians often felt helpless when they couldn’t reach customer service, and the influx of complaints and administrative issues caused a lot of unrest and dissatisfaction.”

It almost sounded too good to be true

On-Route, our Fleet Management partner, indicated that they had the perfect solution for us. Parkd would automatically start and end parking sessions based on the vehicle tracking system provided by On-Route in our fleet. This almost sounded too good to be true! With great enthusiasm, we started a pilot to test this solution. The pilot was a great success, and in 2020, we decided to roll out Parkd across the entire fleet.”

Parkd reminds the technician to start a parking session and always automatically ends the session. The technician can now focus more on their tasks and less on peripheral issues. This saves us more than 30% annually on our parking costs, and we no longer receive parking fines. Gambier also emphasizes Parkd’s user-friendly interface and smooth phone accessibility, which increases technician satisfaction.

Besides savings, also improvements in operational efficiency and productivity

By choosing Parkd, Stedin has not only achieved significant cost savings but also seen substantial improvements in the operational efficiency and productivity of their employees and fleet. Gambier highlights the importance of reducing peripheral issues, especially in a competitive labor market, and notes that the solutions from Parkd and On-Route play a crucial role in this.

“With the tight labor market, it’s extremely important that our employees spend as little time as possible on peripheral issues, so that the productivity of the work they enjoy and do well is not compromised. That’s why we chose the Parkd solution.”

Gambier is satisfied that On-Route suggested Parkd at the time. “It’s also one of the reasons we work with On-Route: they aim for a long-term partnership, respond quickly to questions or problems, and always look for solutions. On-Route truly has the ability to understand and perfectly meet the needs of our organization.”

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