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Sign up and instantly connect your fleet with your favourite services or with our dongle.


When your driver parks, we start your session. When they leave, we end it. Simple.


Our easy to use dashboard makes it easy to manage all of your fleet’s parking.

Everything’s automated.
You just park.

Parkd knows the parking rates and limits of your current spot and handles all payments. So there's really nothing further to do for you, other than to get to business.

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Parking that makes sense for business

Parkd thinks about parking for you so you can focus on doing what your business does best.

No time wasted

No more fumbling for small change, figuring out how to pay by text message or using confusing apps.
Just park.

Pay by minute

With Parkd you park-by-the-minute, that way you only pay what’s needed. No more wasted cash & parking fines!

No more parking fines

Parkd helps drivers respect parking rules and notifies them when they should leave.

Personal & business

You can easily use our free app to flag between personal & business sessions. With time, our algorithm will learn and do it for you.

One account. One invoice.
As many vehicles as you need.

It doesn’t matter how many vehicles you’ve got in your fleet, you can connect as many Parkd devices as you’d like and pay under one account. That means only one invoice to put on the books. Save time doing admin and focus on what matters.


Already connected?

Parkd can easily integrate with your existing telematic solution. We’re already connected with multiple providers.

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City fleet

Public utility organisations

Rental companies

Real estate & sales

Delivery & transport

Car sharing

Construction companies

City of Antwerp

The city of Antwerp’s Fleet Centre consists of approximately 1.250 cars. As you may well imagine, parking this amount of vehicles comes with many nigh inevitable frustrations and problems. Find out how they use Parkd.

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We’re the most innovative automotive solution in Europe

During the Fleet Europe Summit 2017, the event of the year for Fleet Managers, Parkd won the prestigious Smart Mobility Award.

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"I didn’t realise parking could change my business. We get to clients quicker, focus on the job & never fork out for fines!"
Gary Small Business Owner
"Hopping around sites means we spend way too much time sorting out parking. Now we don’t have to worry."
Lucas Fleet Manager

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