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Everything's automated.

You just park.

Parkd automatically starts, stops and pays for your fleet's parking sessions. All your drivers need to do is park their vehicle and get to work.

How it works
van parking

No cash or card

No parking app required

No need to end sessions


All of your fleet.

One simple invoice.

It costs €7 on average* to process a single parking ticket. With Parkd, all parking tickets are condensed into one easy invoice.

*Study of KPMG

How it works

Pay exactly what you owe.

No more, no less.

95% of employees say they’ve forgot to end a parking session. We stop your parking as soon as you drive away, eliminating unwanted spend.

How it works
van parking

Automatic stopping

Pay by minute

No parking fines

For you.

Complete visibility.

Our dashboard lets you manage all of your fleet's parking in one easy place.

Filter sessions
Manage vehicles
Export your data
How it works
myparkd dashboard
parkd app screen

For them.

Personal and business.

Using the Parkd app, employees can quickly mark their sessions as personal or business. Giving them automatic parking on and off shift.

How the app works

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