Automatic parking without a smartphone

The official transport department of the City of Ghent has about 550 vehicles at its disposal. A fleet of cars this size brings with it a lot of administrative worries, especially when it comes to paid parking. With the help of Parkd and Fleet Complete, the City of Ghent has been able to save a lot of time and energy.

Complex administration

Due to the large number of vehicles, people quickly realised that the entire parking administration was a very costly and time-consuming activity. In addition, the costs were difficult to manage.

Car sharing

The City of Ghent has invested a lot into car sharing, which means that vehicles do not always have a regular driver. This has posed a challenge in terms of paid parking.

No smartphones

Not all employees have access to a smartphone, so parking with a mobile solution was therefore not possible. Using a parking meter was the only option, with all the headaches this entails.

What changes did Parkd bring?

The successful introduction of Parkd resulted in the following changes:

Simplified billing

Billing was greatly simplified. Every month, the City of Ghent receives a single invoice per department sorted by number plate, location and date. This provides insight and saves a lot of processing time.

Pay per minute

By automatically ending the parking session, you only pay for the time actually parked. As a result, parking fines and paying too much are a thing of the past.

100% satisfaction

Employees and fleet managers are fully satisfied with Parkd's solution, as it has reduced the administrative burden for everyone.

Connected vehicles
Montly sessions
Saved minutes