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Our customers love that Parkd helps their bottomline with reduced parking costs, whilst drastically boosting employee productivity. Discover why it works for them and how it can work for you.

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Our customer stories

How Rentokil saves 30% with Parkd

Rentokil employees know better than anyone how frustrating parking can be. Using a parking app or having to search for a parking meter is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Time that can be better spent on pest control! Parkd in conjunction with Fleet Complete allows drivers to forget about paying for parking and focus 100% on their job.

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The savings of an average fleet

Discover how much you could save
Connected vehicles
Saved minutes
Parking fines
Monthly savings

Connect with your existing solution

No extra work is required to get set up with Parkd. We connect directly to your existing telematic solution in under 5 minutes. Once connected, you can enable and disable Parkd per vehicle.

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