Zakelijk parkeren in Rotterdam 5 February 2018

We’ve opened a new office in Rotterdam, a city with its sights on the future.

Rotterdam is an innovative city that’s making it’s name on the world stage. With fresh talent graduating from renowned universities; citizens boasting powerful work ethic and as a hub for major transportation; Rotterdam is the perfect city for Parkd.

Bang in the center of Rotterdam, you’ll find trendy restaurants, bustling food markets, vibrant festivals and CIC Rotterdam – the home of our second office! The CIC is an innovation space that gives entrepreneurs and businesses a space to focus on changing the world. With our mission to transform the way people pay for car services, we knew it was the place for us. Our head office is in the charming city of Antwerp. Now, we’re ready to call Rotterdam home, too.

CIC Rotterdam houses startups with ambition and we’re excited to be sharing the space with some awesome neighbours, like Mama Taxi. Mama Taxi are an all-female private-taxi service who drive 100% electric. Awesome, right? They’re set on driving social change, steering environmental impact and empowering women. Together, we think the companies at CIC can change the world.

Not only that, every Thursday, the CIC Venture Cafe hosts the largest innovation event in Rotterdam. Hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors, partners, corporates and students gather to drink delicious coffee connect and push innovation forward.

Edvin Oklopcic at CIC

Our new Country Manager Edvin reppin’ Parkd at the Venture Cafe.

We’re ready to help push the innovation of Rotterdam forward and we couldn’t be in a better place to do it. If you find yourself nearby, pop by and say hello!

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