Parkd at EIT Digital - het nieuwe zakelijk parkeren 29 November 2017

Out of a stagering 136 submissions out of 20 countries accross Europe, Parkd has ended top-5 at the EIT Digital Challenge 2017 event in Italy. The challenge is organised by EIT Digital, a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.

Out of the original 136, 25 finalists from the UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Ireland, and Belgium were initially nominated into 5 different categories. These finalists each had to present their pitch to a category jury, during a dedicated category event in a specific European city. For Parkd and the category ‘Digital Cities’, this was last November 22nd, in Trente, Italy.

“During the last year, we have been focusing on trying to reach full coverage in the Netherlands, with today more than 100 active cities.” says Olivier de Clercq, CEO at Parkd. He continues: “From January 2018, all our efforts will go to quickly expanding to other European markets as well. This is why this recognition is so important to us: by participating in the EIT Digital acceleration program, EIT Digital will be able to help facilitate our growth, through its vast network in the ‘Digital Cities’ space.”

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