Parkd team - zakelijk parkeren 25 October 2017

Ford’s SYNC connectivity system enables drivers to voice-control smartphone apps from the driver’s seat and to access them using a touchscreen. For the challenge, Ford received more than 70 applications from European mobility, telematics, parking, productivity and entertainment start-ups; with the 20 that were shortlisted already offering in-market applications and solutions and the potential to be fast-tracked for use with Ford vehicles. Parkd, being the only parking service provider nominated, sent three core developers to the challenge.


Executive mentors supported the teams, which tested the apps using Ford hardware and presented their ideas directly to Ford customers, from France and other European countries, in moderated focus groups. This feedback will both be used by Ford to gain insight into what customers want from future apps, as well as being shared with Parkd for architectural improvements.


“For the smart cities of tomorrow we need smarter vehicles, and these winning apps could each play an instrumental role in simplifying our future commutes, making them more enjoyable and even enabling drivers to generate an income from journeys they would be making anyway,” said Abraham Philip, manager, Connected Vehicle and Services, Ford of Europe, at the awards ceremony held in the Gustav Eiffel Salon, at the Eiffel Tower, in Paris.


For Parkd, the opportunity to test their service on a new platform, with immediate dedicated support from Ford’s mentors and engineers, and with direct feedback from future Ford customers, is of incredible value.


Without any previous preparation, Parkd was fully integrated onto Ford’s SYNC platform — in just 24 hours!

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