15 May 2018

Automating your fleet’s processes with RitAssist just got better. Now, you can automate your fleet’s parking with Parkd.

Rit Assist focuses on giving easy access to important data about fleets. With this partnership, Fleet Managers now have complete visibility over the parking data of their fleet. Not only can fleet drivers start, stop and have their parking for automatically; Fleet Managers can manage, filter and export all of their parking sessions.

Any fleet using RitAssist can now save up to a whopping 90% in parking admin. How? Parkd sends a single invoice for all of a fleet’s parking sessions. That’s a huge difference to the €7 average companies usually spend on the admin of a single parket ticket or fine.

Connecting with Parkd gives RitAssist the opportunity to make the life of a fleet manager even easier. RitAssist Manager, Jos Pijnaker, explains: “RitAssist has been developed to give easy access to essential data about a fleet. That is how Parkd sees it too.”

Getting a RitAssist fleet set up with Parkd only takes 5 minutes. In a few clicks, your fleet is ready to automatically park in over 150 cities in the Netherlands.

To celebrate the partnership, we’re offering a free month to Rit Assist customers. No matter how many vehicles you have, it’s on us 😉

*Study of KPMG

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