Park with RAM track & trace - het nieuwe zakelijk parkeren 5 June 2018

Is your fleet connected to Ram track-and-trace? Then we’ve got brilliant news! It’s now possible to connect to Parkd and automate your fleet’s parking.

Ram track-and-trace offers insight into the GPS data of your fleet using a track-and-trace system. Using this system, Parkd can automate the parking sessions of your connected fleet.

What exactly does that mean? Parkd starts, stops and automatically pays the parking sessions of your fleet. Each parking session is recorded per minute, meaning you’ll spend exactly what you owe. Not only that, if drivers use their vehicle outside of work, they can mark sessions as private.

With Parkd, Fleet Managers are in full control and are able to manage, filter and export every parking session. Once a month, we send a single monthly bill for all parking within a fleet. Not only does this make life easier for the FM but they can also save up to 90% of their parking admin costs.

Bart Claes, Business Unit Director Benelux of RAM track-and-trace about the partnership: “In addition to ride registration and track-and-trace of your vehicles, RAM continuously offers new solutions for its customers, such as automatic material management and interactive analytic dashboards. With Parkd we have an innovative partner for our customers to completely automate their parking sessions and manage them easily. ”

Connecting Parkd to your Ram track-and-trace system will take less than 5 minutes. Even better, to celebrate our new partnership, we’re offering you the first month for free!


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