Axodel partnership - Parkd, het nieuwe zakelijk parkeren 28 June 2018

Got an Axodel fleet? Automatically start, stop and pay for your fleet’s parking sessions in our latest collaboration.

When it comes to innovation, Axodel are the ones to watch. They focus on bringing cutting edge technology to enhance vehicles, from heavy-duty trucks to rental cars. Now, those same vehicles can park automatically using Parkd’s world-first technology.

With their innovative solutions being embedded in PSA vehicles (Peugeot, Citroën and more)  the amount of people experiencing the magic of Parkd will rocket. If they’re connected with Axodel, they’ll be able to park up and we’ll automatically start, stop and pay for their parking sessions. Not only that, parking is paid for by the minute, meaning you’ll never pay too much or too little again.

For fleet managers, it brings a huge (yet unexpected advantage)… they’ll instantly save an incredible 90% in parking admin. Parkd sends a single invoice including all of a fleet’s parking sessions. Why does that matter? A single parking ticket costs companies an average of €7 to process – that’s often more than the parking itself!

Parkd brings an exciting new dimension of innovation to Axodel fleet management and car sharing solutions that leverage on best in class car maker certified technology.

Getting an Axodel fleet set-up with Parkd only takes 5 minutes. In a few clicks, your fleet is ready to automatically park in over 150 cities in the Netherlands.

To celebrate the partnership, we’re offering a free month to Axodel customers. No matter how many vehicles you have, it’s on us 😉 What are you waiting for?

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*Study of KPMG

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