Sara Barros Das Neves 16 November 2018

She is our well-respected business developer: Sara Barros das Neves. The driving force behind the entire sales process, one of the most important representatives of Parkd and above all a great addition to our team.

We thought it was time to put her in the spotlight!

Hey Sara, thank you for your time! How do you start your day?

Hey! My alarm clock is usually set at 8 o’clock, then I get up and drink a cup of tea to wake up. Usually I have breakfast with yoghurt and fruit, and I prepare my lunch at home. Today it’ll be a healthy sandwich.

After breakfast, I hop on my bright red bicycle and ride towards the office. I’ve been using it for years now, but he still rides quite well! In the winter, I try to take the bike as much as possible, and keep myself warm with a thick woolen scarf. But I prefer cycling in the sun, a day like this is obviously a lot nicer.

When I arrive at Rotterdam Central Station, I park my bike in the underground garage, and I walk into the building. The elevator takes me to the 4th floor, from there I walk to the office. Parkd is located in the CIC, an office space where all kinds of innovative companies are located. It is a lively place!

What is your background before you came to Parkd?

I am currently in the final year of my studies, business administration at the Erasmus University, here in Rotterdam. I also have experience in ‘property & asset management’, or real estate management at operational level.

Business development is a very instructive job for me, here at Parkd. I have already learned a lot from my job, and I think I’ll learn a lot more in the future!

Sara Barros Das Neves

What do your daily activities look like?

My job consists mainly of establishing and maintaining contact with (potential) customers. I always use LinkedIn to help me on my way. It can be quite a hassle to get to the right person.

I’m usually busy with e-mailing and calling companies. And that works very well! Sometimes, I go to an appointment and I also meet the person who is on the other side of the line. The personal interaction definitely makes my job fun and varied.

Is there a project you are proud of?

I find it very cool to be able to see the result of my work. There is clear growth in the number of connected cars, partly due to my efforts. I am also very proud of the team; we work well together and there’s a positive atmosphere!

With my colleagues, we keep track of the number of appointments on our ‘sales-board’. I am, to the frustration of my colleagues, also very proud that I am currently leading the way! 😉

What do you do after your work day?

I regularly go for a game of squash after work, with a friend of mine. I try to do this once or twice a week.

If I’m not playing squash, I cycle to the supermarket and then I’ll go home to prepare some dinner. I like cooking by the way, and usually I also eat together with my roommates. Really great!

In the evening, I occasionally go into the city to see my friends, or stay at home on the couch. With a good movie or some good company. Sometimes I have to finish something for my work, but luckily this does not happen too often. Usually I can just relax!

Sounds good! Thank you for the interview, Sara.

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