How Parkd's parking solution ensures fleet optimisation

GUTS technicians know better than anyone how frustrating parking can be. Using a parking app or having to search for a parking meter is a time-consuming process. Time that can be better spent on the job! Parkd allows the drivers of almost 100 vehicles to forget about paying for parking and focus 100% on their work.

Interrupting their job

GUTS technicians have many different stops every day. Parking is unnecessarily time-consuming and makes the work more complicated than necessary.

Incorrect costs

The technicians travel around regularly. Forgetting parking sessions in many cases leads to incorrect and unnecessary costs.

Insufficient insight

The processing of hundreds of parking sessions caused a lack of insight into the parking sessions of GUTS employees.

What changed with Parkd?

After the implementation of Parkd, GUTS saw many improvements:

Focus on the job

The GUTS technicians say that they no longer have to worry about parking transactions and can fully focus on their work.

Pay after use

Parkd automatically starts and stops parking sessions, and is accurate to the minute. This has resulted in a significant cost reduction, which has more than offset Parkd's service costs.

100% satisfaction

The GUTS technicians are 100% satisfied with Parkd, and many have even said they couldn't work without it anymore. That's what we call a success!

The impact of Parkd

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