Park with Fleet Complete


If your fleet is connected with Fleet Complete, it’s your lucky day. You can now connect with Parkd – in under 5 minutes. Our newest partnership brings automatic parking to the hugely popular telematic platform, Fleet Complete. So, what does that actually mean? It means any fleet using Fleet Complete can save up […]

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InterTraffic 2018: Automatic Parking in Amsterdam


Amsterdam: home to quaint canals, around a million bikes, and this year, InterTraffic 2018: the largest gathering of traffic and mobility professionals worldwide. Being the perfect place to discover the future of our industry, we headed over to Amsterdam. Stationed in the Smart Mobility area, we were ready to show off the world of […]

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Parkd pop-up at the Mobile World Congress


This year, we attended Four Years From Now (4FYN) at the Mobile World Congress in beautiful Barcelona. 4YFN is an awesome event where tech-obsessed people gather to see what the future holds for the mobile industry. Excited by the possibility of meeting great people, we flew over from Antwerp to get in on […]

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We’re Bringing Permits to Automatic Parking


One question we get asked all the time is, “if I’ve got a parking permit, will Parkd work?” We used to say, “Yes but you’ll need to tell us each time you park in your permit zone.” Not anymore! Today, we’re bringing permits to automatic parking. We’ve made it super simple to set […]

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We just parked up in Rotterdam


We’ve opened a new office in Rotterdam, a city with its sights on the future. Rotterdam is an innovative city that’s making it’s name on the world stage. With fresh talent graduating from renowned universities; citizens boasting powerful work ethic and as a hub for major transportation; Rotterdam is the perfect city for […]

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The secret port in your car you don’t know about


Look inside your car and you will find something magical: an OBD port. Without you knowing, your car generates an incredible amount of useful data. Isn’t it time you used it? Plug a device into this hidden gem and you can! If you’ve got a car post-2006, you’ve probably got one. But now, […]

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Parkd wins Smart Mobility Award 2017


During the Fleet Europe Summit 2017 in Portugal, Parkd won the prestigious Smart Mobility Award. A super cool performance and great compliment for the Parkd team! Parkd uses advanced technology to disruptively change paid parking. A normal parking app suddenly seems old-fashioned when you hear what this tech start-up does: automatically start, stop […]

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Top-5 for Parkd at the EIT Digital Challenge 2017


Out of a stagering 136 submissions out of 20 countries accross Europe, Parkd has ended top-5 at the EIT Digital Challenge 2017 event in Italy. The challenge is organised by EIT Digital, a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation. Out of the original 136, 25 finalists from […]

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Parkd on Ford’s SYNC connectivity system during run app challenge


Ford’s SYNC connectivity system enables drivers to voice-control smartphone apps from the driver’s seat and to access them using a touchscreen. For the challenge, Ford received more than 70 applications from European mobility, telematics, parking, productivity and entertainment start-ups; with the 20 that were shortlisted already offering in-market applications and solutions and the […]

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Parkd finishes runner-up at the European Parking Award 2017


During the European Parking Award 2017, organized in Rotterdam, Netherlands by the European Parking Association as a biennial award for excellence in parking, Parkd has come runner-up. “EPA have received an unprecedent amount of submissions from all corners of Europe, this award represents an important recognition on the vision we have been executing […]

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