We are looking for a dedicated Product Manager to be the point person in our scrum team and operational team. The Product Owner will be responsible for defining the product vision and managing the product process. Other responsibilities include supporting the scrum team, managing backlog items, and optimizing the value of our product together with all stakeholders. You will lead the product development team toward achieving the vision and mission of the organization.

Who are we?

Parkd is an innovative scale-up based in Antwerp and Nieuwegein (Utrecht). We’re on a mission to change the way the world parks. There’s a whole industry waiting to be disrupted and we want to be the ones to do it.

Job description

As a Product Owner, you should have the ability to plan and manage the development project from start to finish, and ensure that our product meets the customer's needs. Ultimately, you are detail-oriented and have excellent organizational, leadership, and communication skills. The position we offer is centered around the Product Owner and Product Manager roles, but depending on your previous experiences, the priorities and workload; it might also include business analysis, GIS data acquisition, technical support supervision, participation in acceptance testing and/or DevOps. In other words, you'll get the chance to be fully involved in the company's day to day operations! Though it is not mandatory that you have a technical background, it will come in handy to communicate with the development team and collaborate on the product vision with our technical experts.

What do we offer?

We believe to make amazing things happen, you need to be surrounded by amazing people... who know how to have fun!

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