Giving Rentokil the power to forget about parking

When it comes to parking, Rentokil's employees already know how frustrating it can be. Turning up a to a job, finding a parking spot, working out how to park and how much it can slow down an intervention. Using Parkd was an opportunity for Rentokil's cars to focus on work, not parking.

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Parking was causing problems

Interrupting work

Interrupting work

Rentokil employees need to visit lots of jobs in a single day. Parking adds unnecessary time and complexity to their workload.

Inaccurate costs

Inaccurate costs

Employees change location often. Remembering to start and stop sessions means parking costs are often higher than they need to be.

No visibility

No visibility

Having to process hundreds of paper tickets and fines; Rentokil had no easy way of overseeing which vehicles relate to which.

What happened after using Parkd?

After testing Parkd with their fleet, Rentokil reported...

One invoice

Focus on work

Employees at Rentokil reported an increase in their ability to focus and were able to service customers quicker and easier thanks to automatic parking.

Park by minute

Pay by the minute

We automatically start and stop parking sessions, down to the minute. This resulted in a drastic cost reduction on individual parking sessions and paid for more Parkd's entire service cost.

100% satisfaction

100% satisfaction

A 100% satisfaction rating was received, with employees saying they can't imagine working again without it. We call that a success!

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