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How Parkd works



Sign up and instantly connect your fleet with your favourite track and trace service.



When your drivers park, we start their sessions. When they leave, we end them. Simple.



Our easy-to-use dashboard makes it easy to manage all of your fleet's parking from anywhere.

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Step one

Connect with your Track&Trace provider

No extra work is required to get set up with Parkd. We connect directly to your existing telematic solution in under 5 minutes. Once connected, you can enable and disable Parkd per vehicle.

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Step two

Park without any of the fuss

When one of your drivers parks, they can simply walk away. There's nothing else for them to do, other than to get to business.

Without Parkd

Fumbling with change, using clunky apps, having to start and end sessions.

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We start, stop and pay for your parking session. There's nothing else for you to do.

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Step three

Manage your fleet with ease

We give you complete control when managing your fleet's parking. Whether it's through our parking dashboard or driver app, it's never been easier to manage parking.


Your parking dashboard

myparkd dashboard screen - manage sessions myparkd dashboard screen - export your data myparkd dashboard screen - edit per vehicle myparkd dashboard screen - payments
Manage sessions
Export your data
Control per vehicle
Payment history
See a full breakdown of every parking session in your fleet. Filter and export your parking sessions, ready for reports and analysis. Connect, disconnect and enable each vehicle individually. Quickly see, pay and download your monthly parking invoices.
Optional app

Give your drivers control

The Parkd app puts drivers in control of their parking. They can see the cost, parking boundaries and location of where they are parking at any time.

Tag sessions on-the-go
Stop sessions at any time
Easier personal use
  • parkd app screen - push notification start parking
  • parkd app screen - start parking
  • parkd app screen - push notification end parking
  • parkd app screen - parking receipt

Key features

Free cancellation

Eliminate unneeded sessions by letting employees cancel sessions for free.

Instantly tag sessions

Ensure accurate data entry by allowing drivers to tag as soon as they leave.

Split billing for private and business

Drivers can add a personal payment method to pay for personal sessions.

Define business hours

Automatically mark sessions as personal outside of business hours.

Set home and work locations

Easily set up your work and home and we won’t charge your parking.

Pick your permit areas

If you have permits for your vehicle, we won’t start sessions in them.

Connect in 5 minutes

Got a connected fleet? It only takes 5 minutes to get your fleet online.

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