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How the free comparison works

Connect with your telematic provider and over a month, we will calculate exactly how much you’ll save versus your existing parking method. Delivered to you in a super simple report with absolutely no obligation.

Enable Parkd

Once connected, we can understand when and where your fleet are parking. No need to let your employees know, it works in the background.

Define your work hours

Set the hours at which your fleet can currently expense parking. This way, we’ll only let Parkd work while they’re working.

Park and pay as usual

Parkd will be working in the background, we’ll know when you park and what it will cost but will not charge for parking sessions.

See how much you save

You’ll send us your parking costs for the month and we’ll directly compare this with what Parkd would have charged for the exact same sessions.

What you get

See an example report

example comparison report

After one month, you’ll send over your parking costs for the month which will be directly compared with what Parkd would have charged you. Not only that, we’ll estimate the hours of admin saved, too.

Session by session comparison
Broken down by vehicle
Totally transparent numbers

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Find out how Parkd works and why it's the best way to park.

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